You don’t have to be a TV professional to become a reporter a cameraman  or a correspondent of Jovanna’s Wish Channel for a minute.

If   you are at the place where somebody asked for a wish, be an on site correspondent. See what they asked for and make it happen in an 1’videoshoot.

Be a reporter, send your shooting and maybe your video will be the one to win, as video of the month in our numerous draws and competitions for gifts

Instructions for becoming a reporter and cameraman in a minute

  • Hold your mobile device firmly

  • If you want to introduce yourself first, start with self video saying for a few seconds who you are, where you are from and what desire you fulfill

  • Then turn the camera on the subject you want to point to

  • If the wish is to see a square for example, focus on the square with a steady hand, always turning the camera steadily and showing as much space as possible, so that the viewer can see and enjoy it.

  • If the wish for filmmaking involves indoors shooting then you do the same. Attention to lighting, so it’s not too dark. Try to make your frames bright

  • Always make sure there are no other people in the frame, if so, have them pass so fast by the frame that they don’t monopolise the frame
    or have a frame of them from behind or half face.

  • If you want to emphasize, focus on an interesting detail, such as a window, a table serving, a dress etc.

  • When you shoot in a noisy environment, try to keept the microphone of your phone very close when you are talking to the camera or switch to a better sound setting.

Βe a volunteer reporter

Be a “full time”volunteer correspondent, realizing wishes from your area. If you are at the right place at the right time, you too can be a volunteer 1’reporter. It only takes one minute of your time, to send the 1’videos responding to wishes aked from your area. You can be volunteer reporter of the month and your correspondence may be rewarded