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Believe in someone else’s wish and become part of our world. You can join the circle, change one’s life, become part of the global solidarity chain of good.It is said that the most imaginative scenario is our life. Our daily lives that often go beyond the best scenarios, where the universe “conspires” to get our wishes a step closer to us.
Embracing and adopting this philosophy, Jovanna’s wish channel, your channel of wishes on YouTube, seeks to broaden the “conspiracy of good”, by adding members from around the world to make more wishes come true.

“Adopt” someone else’s wish and contribute to making the impossible possible.

Make your contribution to those who need it, making your donation directly to Circle of Love and Solidarity NGO”” or our Social Corporate Responsibility Program, to make some’s wish come true.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To us, “Sharing is caring”. Be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program, become part of our global human chain and social responsiblility program. Join Jovanna’s Wish Channel’s Channel of wishes come true, adopt a wish and offer hope, at a time when thousands of people need it more and put your company profile on the global network of wishes come true.

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