“Make your wish, we make it  happen ” revisited

For the last 25 years, we have initiated and presented a successful show in Greece called “Pesto kai tha ginei” (Name your wish and it will be granted), starring popular Greek actress and presenter Jovanna Fragouli. This production was perhaps the first reality really making wishes come true, traveling viewers all over the world and to their own universe of wishes, and becoming more than just a show. It was in fact a “living” channel of desires, that grew up along with its public, rejoicing at their joy, “sharing” their thoughts, desires and craziest dreams and making their wishes come true, as only children know how


Principles Of Our Work

During those 25 years, we have visited many countries, making people happy, granting wishes, from simple things to wild and unimaginable desires, that were in some cases a lifetime dream to come true, such as: going to Kensington and meeting with Princess Diana or visiting Dowing Street 10, to have a talk with Margaret Thatcher, and sit in her Presidential  Chair, or see Maradona live,  Jean Jaques Cousteau, Pope John Paul II and other living legends. And all of these, just because you asked for it .

The years of innocence have come to an end and, in times of unexpected crisis for Greece and the whole world, where the most difficult thing is even the “simple” and taken for granted thing, the popular show loved by the public, grew up with them and is now entering a new era, looking at the world realities with a fresh eye and making the producers’ wish come true: go global.


Welcome to the new world of “Name your wish and it will be granted”, now going worldwide on Youtube, under its brand new title “Jovanna’s Wish Channel”. Your wish channel.


Jovanna's wish channel

Welcome to the channel of wishes, where everything is possible.