Our mission-Our wish

In times of crisis for Greece and the whole world, where the most difficult thing is even the “simple” thing, it was the producers’ own wish and a public demand for “pes to kai tha ginei”, the popular show loved by the public, to be revisited with a fresh eye, so as to accommodate the pressing world realities.

Although we never stopped granting wishes, especially those of children who have never ceased hoping for a miracle, “off the record” and via an NGO of a low profile presence, it was our wish to make more and more wishes possible. On several occasions we have granted “everyday” desires, which may sound insignificant to most , but to those who asked for them they were very important and life changing.

Our hope

In the century of information and non-stop online live communication,we embraced the internet mandra: Sharing is caring. Contributing to the so called “Global dialogue” that goes on through the internet, we now strive to “share” with the audience our “expertise” of granting wishes, combining the once-loved show with charity and social media, striving to create a New Age concept,that now goes global.

Offering different episodes in different parts of the world and creating more than just a show -an experience and a “tool” of hope to the viewers- we created the viewers’ own channel of wishes, so that they can express what they no longer dare to say loudly and hope for.

Jovanna’s wish channel -Your Wish Channel on YouTube

Striving to make wishes come true from all over the world, the “Name your wish and it will be granted” show welcomes the new era, now moving on Youtube, under a brand new name: “Jovanna’s Wish Channel, Your wish channel show.

Welcome to the brave new world of “Jovanna’s Wish Channel”. Your wish channel on Youtube.
The viewers’ own universe of wishes, where nothing is impossible.